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Cluster install

We are deploying fas 8200 in our data center.Our network is not setup yet. I was wondering if we can setup the cluster without network setup and attach the cluster to network later.


Re: Cluster install

Hi there,


In the past there were some commands for creating network ifgrps/vlans that required the ports to be physically "up", so in similar situations I would plug the ports into the other controller's equivalent ports so they would come "up", and then switch them over to the network later. 


The biggest time saver though, assuming you are deploying 9.3, will be to connect the disk shelves and begin zeroing the system and creating aggregates while the network is offline.


Good luck!

Re: Cluster install

Hi Alex,


Thanks for the prompt response. I was wondering if we can also setup the cluster without data network and later add the data network.



Re: Cluster install

Hi there,


If you mean the network used for the ONTAP Clustering backend, no, that is required at setup time.

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