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Cluster interconnect ports to use


Hi We have received FAS8300 with 2 10G DAG Cable 25G DAG Cable. 

e0a to e0a and e0b to e0b is connected with 10G DAG

e0c to e0c and e0d to e0d is connected with 25G DAG

but i only see e0c and e0d has online and configured with cluster

i do not see e0a and e0b. 

when i list network ports, it shows e1a and e1b instead of e0a and e0b. 


Can someone suggest better option here and can i use e0a and e0b for data purpose.





Re: Cluster interconnect ports to use




Check out the switchless cluster cabling.   


HA Interconnect 25GbE ->    (I don't think you would see these in net port show. ) 

e0a -> e0a 

e0b -> e0b  


Clusternet -> 100GbE 

e0c -> e0c 

e0d -> e0d 


Host connections will be e0e -> e0h.   Or whatever other expansion cards are in there (e1a / e1b) . 



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Re: Cluster interconnect ports to use



Yes it does not show e0a and e0a, but it shows e1a and e1b. 


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