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Cluster interconnect switch setup (CN1610)


Hello All,


Need a bit of help, we are planning to convert switchless cluster (8020)to switched cluster, so we are buying couple of CN1610 interconnect switch, could anyone please share the commands to setup intercluster switch, which will help us to install the switch and configure to NetApp standards.





Re: Cluster interconnect switch setup (CN1610)


Hello, as you've guessed there are strict practices that must be adhered to when configuring these cluster switches.


Please see:



For reference this is the link for the CN1601 Cluster Management Switch required for the management network:



Load of info, but since there are these strict rules, so long as they are followed there should be no issues.


Hope this helps,


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Re: Cluster interconnect switch setup (CN1610)


Thanks a lot Sir 🙂

Re: Cluster interconnect switch setup (CN1610)




Definitely spend some time going over the information Grant provided - as he indicated, there is a ton of information there, but make sure you have all those at your fingertips.


My other recommendation is to come up with a "playbook" for the commands you'll need to issue for the conversion process.  We converted two separate clusters from switchless-to-switched and having everything down in a document we could copy&paste from into the CLI was very helpful.  I've attached the playbook we built for our last conversion to this thread.  Your configuration obviously might be different, so just be aware of port differences/etc as you proceed.  Also, make sure you're verifying switch OS/firmware compatibility with whatever version of ONTAP you're running.  There were a few scary gotchas when switch OS and ONTAP were out of whack compatibility-wise.


Good luck,




PS - on the playbook, any commands proceeded with (cs1) or (cs2) are from either "ClusterSwitch1" or "ClusterSwitch2" respectively...  All other commands are from the cluster.

Re: Cluster interconnect switch setup (CN1610)


Perfect, thanks for sharing comman.


Our setup is 2 node cluster (FAS8020) running  8.3.2P9, looks the version supported is




Re: Cluster interconnect switch setup (CN1610)


Yes, FW along with RCF 1.2.

Make sure you setup and use SSH. RCF 1.2 disables Telnet access as a security best practice.

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