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Cluster management Lif operational status: Down

Hi All 


I am building a new cluster FAS8060 with OnTap 8.3.1 P1 and run into strange issue .....


When I failover from node 1 to 2, all works fine (data, cluster) except cluster-mgmet lif shows operational status: down ..


Also I also seeing a strange lif and not able to see/remove 


cluster01::*> net int show -vserver cluster01 -lif
56181089-a41b-11e5-87e3-cda87b04185f_mgmt1  <============


When I failover from node 1 to 2; I lost access to Cluster management IP (https/ssh), but ping still going through .... when both node are up firewall is seeing mac collision for the Cluster management IP address from both node ...


I am building another cluster at another datacenter with the same hardware, config and network setup; failover all works smoothly no issue at all. 


Anyone one ran into similar issue before or suggestion where to look first ? 


Re: Cluster management Lif operational status: Down



try this kb to see if help


if not, you might need to open a case for the dup mac address

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