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Cluster two FAS 2552 with two controllers each


Hi, is it possible to jhave a switchless cluster of two FAS 2552 that have two controllers each? That means a cluster contraining 4 controllers in total.


And what's the maximum DS 2246 shelves filled with 1.2TB SAS drives can a FAS 2552 take?


Re: Cluster two FAS 2552 with two controllers each


You need some kind of switch  between the two HA pairs to make a 4 node.   The NetApp CN1610 is the standard for a cluster that size.  


The 2552 can take a total of 144 drives and up to 1468.8 TB of RAW capacity.  per HA pair.   


So you can have 144 drives in 6 (1 interna + 5 external). So.. if my quick math is correct,  with 1.2TB drives you'd be maxed out at 5  (1 internal + 4 external).  



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