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Compatibility HGST disk drive with FAS2552

I had such a problem, the hard drive HGST HUC101212CSS600 is determined by the controller with an error, maybe this problem arose due to the fact that there is another firmware A469, because On the original drives firmware NA01.
Has anyone encountered such a problem, can it be solved by updating the firmware to HGST hard drive, or is it necessary to buy an original hard drive?



00.6 : NETAPP   X425_HCBEP1T2A10 NA01 1142.3GB 520B/sect (KZJZR00G)
00.7 : HGST     HUC101212CSS600  A469 847.5GB 512B/sect (Failed)


Re: Compatibility HGST disk drive with FAS2552


Nikita -


Only NetApp drives are supported.


There's a disk drive qualification file in ONTAP that knows what drives are supported ...

I hope this response has been helpful to you.


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