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Compatible switches for FAS 2552.

Hi EveryBody...


Lemme introduce my self...I am new to this NetApp World...

Please help me to find out some compatible switches for FAS 2552 box......

And also how can we connect between box and switch...


Thank you....................


Re: Compatible switches for FAS 2552.

Are you using FAS2552 in cluster-mode(Clustered Data ONTAP) or 7-mode? For cluster interconnect in cluster-mode, CN1610 is recommended.
For other ethernet network, any standard ethernet switch which has physically compatible ports will work - 1G copper ethernet for e0a/e0b/e0M, and 10G SFP+ for CNA ports.

If you use CNA ports for FC SAN, you should check supported configuration using InteroperabilityMatrix Tool(IMT). Open IMT, click change, and select "SAN-Switch (FAS, E-Series, FlashRay)".

Check out the KB!
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