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Conf Advisor and boot lun


running config advisor 4.1.1 in Flexpod mode i have the following high impact for all my luns:
Rule/Check: Flex Pod FC Zoning Storage Check
Description: Ensures that FC zones are configured correctly.
Notes: LUN 'lun_vmw_xxx' is mapped to igroups [SP-VMW-1, SP--VMW-2, SP-VMW-3, SP-VMW-4, SP-VMW-5, SP-VMW-6], multiple igroups are mapped to same boot LUN


Each igroup contains 2 wwpn belonging one blade server and mapping is like this:

for boot lun lunid is = 0 and the lun is mapped to is specific server through is igroup (ex. blade server n° 1 mapped to boot lun n° 1 with igroup SP-VMW-1)

for datastore lun lunid is > 0 and the lun is mapped to all six igroups.


Why config advisor report an error?



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