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Configuration on FAS 2040


I'm new to Netapp and am look for help configuring my FAS2040, I'd much rather figure it out than drop a bunch of money on someone to do it for me and I not really learn anything. So I have it setup with IP's on each controller. I would assume that I could setup the 2nd controller as a HA for the first one correct ? Also should I just assign all my disks to the first controller ?

Just a FYI I am setting up 3 VMware ESXI host to this Netapp, I'm not 100 sold on how I want to set it up yet.


Re: Configuration on FAS 2040


You should take a look at the "Active/Active Configuration Guide":


vSphere Storage Best Practices is a good read as well:



Re: Configuration on FAS 2040


Just a reminder, if your filer is not installed by someone with a certain NetApp certification, you'll be running in an unsupported configuration.

You can make so many subtle errors during the initial configuration which might initially work but give you suboptimal performance or hard-to-diagnose problems later on, I wouldn't recommend it.

Just as an example, assigning ALL disks to one controller is not possible because the other one needs a few disks for its root aggregate. And once the disks are in an aggregate you can't get them out without wiping the filer complete, which is quite annoying if you already have data stored on it 😉


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