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Configuring Direct FC connection to Server


Hi Everyone , 

Im looking for a document that can give me a step-by-step solution on how to configure a directly connected FC. Plus Is there anything to do on the server side? 

Thank you,



Assuming defaults on both NetApp and server sides it normally is expected to "just work" when you connect them. Do you observe any issues?

When I plugged the network cable it prompted me that the adapter is UP. and I change the current mode from cna to fc. I need to wait for a window time so that the netapp can be restarted.

Slot: 0e
Description: Fibre Channel Target Adapter 0e (QLogic CNA 8324 (8362) rev. 2)
Adapter Type: Local
FC Nodename: 50:0a:09:80:80:70:73:8a (500a09808070738a)
FC Portname: 50:0a:09:83:80:70:73:8a (500a09838070738a)
Standby: No

Slot: 0f
Description: Fibre Channel Target Adapter 0f (QLogic CNA 8324 (8362) rev. 2)
Adapter Type: Local
FC Nodename: 50:0a:09:80:80:70:73:8a (500a09808070738a)
FC Portname: 50:0a:09:84:80:70:73:8a (500a09848070738a)
Standby: No


ucadmin show
Current Current Pending Pending Admin
Adapter Mode Type Mode Type Status
------- ------- --------- ------- --------- -------
0c           cna       target         - - online
0d           cna       target         - - online
0e           cna       target       fc - offline
0f            cna       target       fc - offline




Short version. Do google for details on commands ..... admins from ghetto must love google 😉


1) On filer make 1 or 2 ports FC initiator. (depending on what model of filler you got and how many controllers you got)

Might be 0a on both controllers etc ... too much variations depending on what you got.

2) Shelf ID = 1 (assuming its the only shelf)

3) Coonect 0a to both shelf controllers IN port

4) Autoassign drives = OFF

5) At this point you should be able to see drives. possibly not owned by any of your controllers

6) in maintenance mode take ownership of drives to 1 controller. (you could do 1/2 and 1/2 but you will loose a lot of drives)

7) Put 0b on both controllers in FC target mode.

😎 In normal mode zero drives if not zeroed and start making aggregates->volumes->igoups (with initiator WWPNs) ->luns (assuming you have FCP licence installed)


9) Connect 0b (both) to your host dual/single HBA. If host is ESX then i already has MPIO support. If win host then depending on version you might need additional software.


Thats all in general

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