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Controller replace - FAS2240 to FAS2650


i have in my test enviroment a FAS2240 single controller with ONTAP 9.1 running.


Now i got a FAS2650 this system i have prepared with the same ONTAP version and in single controller config too.


Can i now put all HDD's from the 2240 chassy to the 2650 chassy, change the owner and continue working?


Shure the e1x ports i should remove from the config before doing this. But anything else i must watch to?


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Re: Controller replace - FAS2240 to FAS2650

Need more clarity.

Is it a FAS2240-2 or a FAS220-4?

The new FAS2650 is already booted with internal storage that was purchased with it?
You have empty drive slots in the FAS2650?


In the meantime, you might want to peruse this topic:

Re: Controller replace - FAS2240 to FAS2650

Both systems have 2,5" drives.


Yes this page i found already but this is confusing me:


"After you install and boot the new nodes and reassign disks, you must restore configuration information from the root volume to the boot devices."


I have a "empty" 2650 (i had inserted temporarily 6 disks to install the same ONTAP and test the system) , i want to put all 24 internal drives, which includes the root partition, from the 2240 to the 2650, change the owner of the drives and hope it will boot from the moved disks.


Normaly i will say it must work, but perhaps i have missed something...

Re: Controller replace - FAS2240 to FAS2650

You have a problem though... the minimum root volume size is 180GB on FAS2240-2, but 350GB on FAS2650. You can't just re-use the existing root partitons, unless you have additional storage you plan to add.

Re: Controller replace - FAS2240 to FAS2650

I have... The 2240 was a HA installation, now it is a single node cluster, so i'm able to add disks to the root partition and extend it to 400GB. 

Re: Controller replace - FAS2240 to FAS2650

I have done, Root aggregate is now 440 GB and vol0 is now 350 GB...

Re: Controller replace - FAS2240 to FAS2650

So, i tryed to move the disks to the new chassy/controller, but i have problems with the network. Now i have moved back and all is o.k. again.


The Problem is, after the move, the network ports are not assigned to a broadcast domain and will not be used. The ports in the Broadcast Domain looks as follows:


IPspace: Default
Broadcast Domain Name: MGMT
MTU: 1500
Port List: 33458e84-23a8-11e8-a225-3156cf801c9c:e0M


I can't remove that ports or add the new ports to that Broadcast Domain, every time he told me that the port don't exist. Or when i try to modify a lif, i got every time "invalid operation".


What i'm wonderig about, this message i don't got:


WARNING: System id mismatch. This usually occurs when replacing CF or NVRAM cards!
Override system id? {y|n} [n] y


Anny ideas?

Re: Controller replace - FAS2240 to FAS2650

I have reviewd again the: "Controller Hardware Upgrade - Express Guide"


One thing i missed:


"In Maintenance mode, destroy each original node's mailboxes"


Can this be the reason for my problems? Today i will not test again, i will test it tomorrow...

Re: Controller replace - FAS2240 to FAS2650

Got it working!


Important is to select the menu option 6 directly after reassigning the disks. This time all was like it was described in the manual...


This was very helpful:

Disruptive cDOT Headswap: Step-by-Step Walkthrough


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