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Re: Converting AFF (A300) to FAS8200

Hi there,


I just wanted to give you the reverse issue I have :-)

A customer of mine was a part of an evergreen program (free upgrade of controllers efter 3 years)

So I have swapped out their AFF8060 for an AFF A300 (shipped my NetApp).

I used the document 215-12065_A0_UR005 (Using Aggregate Relocation to Upgrade Controller Hardware Running ONTAP 9.0 to 9.4).

And everything works as expected, and we migrated the shelfs to the new controller without any issues.


But... the cluster now reports the two nodes as FAS8200 and not A300.  Which is not right...  also it complains when you enable inline-compression on a colume (performance issue) which a normal FAS8200 will typically do... so somehing is a miss somewhere :-)

This is not that critical, and the customer is carrying on despite this, but I have opened a case on this, as it is very strange.

The box the system came it, stated A300, the fron facia states A300, and the licenses which followed the system, also states A300... 

I didn't check the BIOS setting, I just did the set-defaults, set the date and checked the parter-systemid, that's it...  just as described in the document mentioned above...


This was my first controller upgrade of a running system... in the old days wirth 7mode you had to stop everything as you replaced the controllers... this way is much better :-)



Re: Converting AFF (A300) to FAS8200

Hi @Beardmann - great to hear a success story! Did your issue get resolved through the case? Please feel free to message me the case ID if you'd like me to have a look.


Re: Converting AFF (A300) to FAS8200

HI again, sorry for the delay in my reply... you know when a problem has been solved, it's on to the next one :-)

The issus was, as I suspected the system delivered by NetApp as a replacement, didn't have the "bootarg.init.flash_optimized" environment variable set.


We were able to verify this without booting any of the controllers, by the maybe less known approach...


Basically you unlock the diag user, login to the systemshell and get the environment values, like this:

1. security login password diag

2. security login unlock diag

3. set diag;systemshell

4. (login with the diag user/pass from above)

5. issue the "kenv" command to get the same output as if you entered "printenv" from the "LOADER>" BIOS...

6. exit

7. security login lock diag


I am not aware if you are able to set the environment variables from the systemshell, but we scheduled a service window for a few failovers and givebacks of the cluster, were we set the value to "true", and after that the system now reports AFF A300 :-)


I'm not sure what would happen if you were to set this value to "false" by mistake... is there a way to get it back to "true", or is it a truely WORM value?   I guess we will never know? ;-)


Just for information, we did open a case with NetApp support, just to verify that it was OK to change the values with data on the system, and apparently this is common for NetApp to send out new system like this, it could also happen if you were to do a controller swap is it was faulty... which i have done a few times, come yo think of it... guess I have been lucky to have controllers were this was set :-)



Re: Converting AFF (A300) to FAS8200

Hi there!


The default state is FAS - with the variable set to "true" it becomes an AFF, and yes, the variable is WORM to true - once set, it cannot be easily unset.