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Converting a FAS2554 to a disk shelf and adding it to a FAS3220A


I have a FAS2554 that I need to convert to a disk shelf that had Clustered ONTAP 8.2.2 on it, it is now 8.2.2 7-Mode.  The target system is a FAS3220A with 8.0.5 7-Mode on.  I have no requirement to preserve data on the FAS2554 but only to use it for swing space for a migration from the FAS3220.  I have a few questions:


  • Is there any issue with adding the converted shelf to the FAS3220 live?
  • Is there any issue with ONTAP versions not matching?
  • Should I be concerned that the target FAS3220 will have 4 root volumes on it for a very brief time frame (before I get in and remove them)?

Any other gotcha's I need to concern myself with?





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