FAS and V-Series Storage Systems Discussions

Create new aggregate from scratch



I am in the process of re-configuring my dual disk controller FAS2020 (12 disks)

The first controller is running raid-dp and has 10 disks assigned, out of which there are 2 hot spare ones.

The two available disks are left for the 2nd controller and my plan is that it should run on raid4.

How do I configure the 2nd controller for raid4 and create a new aggregate from maintenance mode or from the menu that comes up when you hit ctrl-c while booting?

It seems like it is not possible to create an aggregate from maintenance mode and from the boot menu it is only possible to install the system with RAID_DP.




Ok, we have solved the problem.

In the boot menu we run the 4a option and created a new aggregate with a RAID_DP.

Once the new aggregate was setup we run:

aggr options aggr0 raidtype raid4

to convert to a raid4 group.


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