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DE6600 as JBoD


Recently bought NetApp DE6600 and I want to use it as JBoD connected to SuperMicro Server. Can this controller be used?

NetApp X3149-R6 NVRAM8R Dual Port Pci-E Controller 110-00274+B0

I was wondering what can I do to manage this?

Any help will be appreciated.


Re: DE6600 as JBoD


You may find more support in /r/techsupport (not really /r/netapp) on Reddit. I'm not sure if that will work, but I think one is from FAS. You list two different parts there I believe. The X3149 is a PCI-e card that NVRAM is added to it looks like. I don't think this will work, but you will need a SAS HBA to connect (from what I've seen). I've never tried this and have zero experience.

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Re: DE6600 as JBoD



Yes it seems that it needs SAS HBA controller.

I'm not sure which one is right though asI need low profile one.

I have read few things and they have managed to do JBoD through Fibre Channel as well. 

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