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DELL/EMC AX4-5 and V-series


Had a customer ask about front ending an AX4-5 (fibre channel) housing about 16TB with a v-series.  They said they might add another 10 - 20 TB later.  They would stay with EMC shelves and drives if they were cheaper but access the storage via the v-series.   First, I don't see AX4 in the support matrix which for such a small array does not surprise me.  Second, I can't imagine it being cost effective to put a 3200 series array in front of an AX4-5.  Not to mention its at or near end of life and would still need a support contract.  (Don't know what the actual EOL dates are or how EMC defines EOL for its hardware.)  I could go on with the downsides but I won't.  The customer is aware but they still wanted me to inquire about front-ending an AX4-5 with a v-series, so I have.  Thanks.


Re: DELL/EMC AX4-5 and V-series


Hi Tom, old friend!

Your instincts were spot on.  The VNX/CX is the lowest-end offering from EMC that we support.  V-Series is not an option here.

Good luck!

Daniel Isaacs
Technical Marketing Engineer


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