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DS14MK4 with 2x ESH4 - running without head unit? - Home Storage Setup


Alright, so i previously got an DS14MK2 \w 2x FC-ATX & 14x 500GB SATA HDDs, which the setup with windows server 2008 r2 was just plug and play.

However, i couldn't resist getting a $2000 array for only $50, so now i've got myself a DS14MK4 \w 2x ESH4 & 14x 600GB 15K FC HDDs... and like before i would like to connect the array to my server as a JBOD.
From what i've previously read while figuring it out last time, for FC ones i need to update the hdd firmware or something? Anyone know how i'd setup the array so that i can use it as a JBOD?

Thx again netapp community


Re: DS14MK4 with 2x ESH4 - running without head unit? - Home Storage Setup


NVM guys i figured it out on my own.

for anyone else looking to do the same thing... i'll tell you how as their is like nothing on the web that explains it in easy steps

1. Install ubuntu - unforntuatelly you can't install it in a VM on the windows server, cause windows doesnt provide low enough access to the drives via the VM...
2. FC drivers will be already installed, if not install em
3. Install SG3_UTILS -> go to software center and search for it.
4. sginfo -l will tell you the names of the hdds along with where they are mounted - keep an eye on the hdd ids so you dont format ur own server by mistake
5. for each drive that you want to llf format, do, sudo sg_format --format --size=512 --verbos=/dev/sg1 - /dev/sg1 is the path of the drive that you got from sginfo
6. wait 1-2 hours, depending on how many drives you are doing

from what ive read online, you can also use the same trick to get generic drives to work in netapp arrays with filers, but i haven't tested it; just set the size accordingly.

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