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DS4243 single-path cabling


I'm trying to find out whether it's possible to do single-path cabling for two DS4243 shelves on FAS3240, more precisely, if I can utilize 2 free SAS ports on an expansion card to create a separate, non-resilient, single-path stack...

I've consulted "Universal SAS and ACP Cabling Guide" (https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMM1280392) but it only covers single-head FAS22xx setups - probably on account of limited expansion slots - but I'm wondering if it's possible on other models as well?




Re: DS4243 single-path cabling

Why would you want to do that.. You're ultimate goal would be MPHA

Re: DS4243 single-path cabling

+1 not recommended... is it that you have all ports used and not enough available for MPHA? Can you add a SAS HBA if that is the case?

Re: DS4243 single-path cabling

Yes, I'm aware it's not recommended. But let's say previous stack has hit it's shelf count limit, there's no more room for expansion cards, I've only 2 SAS ports remaining and 2 used shelves at my disposal for holding (truly non-critical) data. It wouldn't be resilient but it would still be additional capacity.

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