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DSM 4.0 MPIO Settings


I have been using the native MPIO for server 2008 R2 since we setup our netapp last year and after doing some research and reading post I feel I should be using the NetApp DSM instead. 

I was wondering if anyone has anything thought on the configuration of the DSM?  I have always just used the default settings with the native MPIO because you really cant make adjustments.  After installing the DSM I noticed there are a whole bunch of settings that can be set and Im not really sure if just leaving it default is ok or if anyone has some recommendations that they use in there environment that work well.

All LUNS will be dual attached FC on two fabrics.



Re: DSM 4.0 MPIO Settings


I just realized something.  Should i be using the MPIO software or just the host utilities for windows?

Re: DSM 4.0 MPIO Settings


Spoke with support and if i just want to recieve the "fine tuning" configs I only need to install the host utilities.  The Netapp MPIO software is not needed just to recieve those benifits. 

You use the MPIO software for more advanced changes and being able to see a little deeping to the usuage of the disk from the server.

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