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Datastore latency



We have 2 netapp fas2240-2 systems. 1 is located in the main building and the other in a building not far away.

We have 4 thin provisioned nfs luns where our xenapp and pvs servers are hosted. The luns have enough free space and we have around 5 xenapp servers per lun.

When i copy a large file from 1 lun at the main building to a lun in the offsite building i notice a 200+ ms latency on the datastore when i look in vmware performance.

I don't see any latency on the fas system itself and when i run an iometer on 1 of the xenapp hosts im hitting around 45000-50000 IOPS

The luns are thin provisioned and users are complaining for a long time now about performance issues.

Snapmirror is running at 19:00 so i can rule that out and data deduplication only in the weekends at night.

I'm not getting any alerts on the netapp.

Can i rule out the netapp looking at the graphs in the pictures?


transfer speed


sending controller


receiving controller



veeamone monitor datastore



IOmeter xenapp server



Thanks in advanced.