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Decrease size of LUN.

i have increase FC lun size of 70 GB for temporray purpose. This lun has log drive of sql Database.


Lun type :- FC

Server:- Windows 2008

Total Lun size:- 150 GB

Size needs to reclaim:- 75 Gb.

Software used to increase size:- Snap drive.


Please help how to reduce size of lun. is there any risk of file system corruption ?







Re: Decrease size of LUN.

Snapdrive can resize a lun larger or smaller... You can't shrink below the used space  https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMP1506027 

Re: Decrease size of LUN.

Thanks, can we decrease lun size during production hour. is there any change to corrput file system. This volume contains log file of SQL Database.

Re: Decrease size of LUN.

To get comfortable with the process, you could clone the volume or lun, then safely test on the clone... Also, no matter what, before shrinking the production lun, create a snapshot from SMSQL, then you are protected if there is an issue on the resizing.. 

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