Difference between sum aggregat

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Hi all,


i have a difference between the sum of the result of the command below:


> agg show_space -g




Aggregate                       Allocated            Used           Avail
Total space                       40511GB         40057GB          1209GB
Snap reserve                          0GB             0GB             0GB
WAFL reserve                       4635GB           490GB          4145GB


Used + Avail = 40057 +1209 = 41266 Go  not 40511Go !


do i have really 1209Go free

or do i have (40511 - 40057) = 454Go free


do i have really 1.2T free with this command df -A ?

> df -A
Aggregate               kbytes       used      avail capacity
aggr0               43750651392 42484493040 1266158352      97%
aggr0/.snapshot              0          0          0     ---%






Re: Difference between sum aggregat

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I think this KB will help you unserstand the difference.




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