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Disable Storage Efficiency?

Can Storage Efficiency be Disabled on an existing volume that contains LUNs with production data?  Or once enabled is there no going back?  I'm troubleshooting an issue wiht a 3rd party backup application and they're recommending turning off native SAN deduplication.





v8.1.2 7-Mode



Re: Disable Storage Efficiency?

You can stop dedupe activity from happening. But that won't un-dedupe. You would have to go into advanced or diag mode to do so. But perhaps stopping it from happening might be sufficient. You would keep any dedupe savings you currently have.


Re: Disable Storage Efficiency?

Same subject, but I noticed some of my volumns where the storage efficiency is disabled, is there any adverse affects in turning this on a production filer? I have my vm's on some and data on others. I need the space, just checkin with others before I enable on a production system.

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