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Disk Bypass - Shelf state


I was wondering if anyone could help!

I have a shelf with two disks flashing the amber status intermittently every 10 seconds. When i look at the shelf state it returns the state as BYP/PWR. This is where i get stuck as i cant find the meaning of it. I have looked on many sites and also support.netapp and the closest i get is a document called "monitoring the LRC, ESH, ESH2 or ESH4 modules. in the document it lists many shelf state errors but not the one im after!

Does anyone know what this is or can point me in the right direction of a knowledge base article that could assist me?

Thanks for looking guys.


Re: Disk Bypass - Shelf state


have you tried a running a "disk show -V" or "shelfchk"

Are you able to connect to the RLM/SP and check the system power status?

The error messages suggests a power fault/bypass

Re: Disk Bypass - Shelf state


Thanks for replying Martin.

I've ran "disk show -v" and cant find anything of significant's as far as i can see. What should i be looking for? Running the shelfchk asks me if the LEDs are lit up on channel 0d.

I can cannect to the RLM port, is there something i can check whilst connected that would return anything different than my normal means of connecting to the filer (terminal session)?


Re: Disk Bypass - Shelf state


It sounds like the disks are in a failed state.  Have you opened a support case to have them replaced?

Re: Disk Bypass - Shelf state


Disks were replaced a few times which didn't make a difference.

Problem was how the shelves were connected via its A loop and B loop to filers partners filer.

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Re: Disk Bypass - Shelf state


Please run the disk show -v and place the output in the forum. show aggr status -f and place that in the forum

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