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Disk Replacement

Dear all , 


i am new to netapp community and i have queastion regarding disk replement , i got one disk failed and i need to replace , both disk are the same specification but the new one doesnt have any sticker as the old one from Netapp .


is this could be an issue ?


i have also tried to replace the disk and still show the amber light?




Re: Disk Replacement



How can you be sure that the specs from the "new" disk are the same if the label is missing ?

Can you have a look at a "aggr status -f" output and the "rdfile /etc/messages" output during the time you removed the old disk and replaced it with the new one ?



Re: Disk Replacement



Re: Disk Replacement

Do you still see any failed disk when you look at the :

"aggr status -f"

output ?


Do you see the "new" disk as new spare with :

"aggr status -s"


Re: Disk Replacement


In CDOT it could be that the new disk is unowned and thats why the led is abmer after replacement.
> system node run * disk show -n
> system node run * vol status -f


Re: Disk Replacement

i have attached the picture of two disk i have 



the one with no lables is the new one which is not working when replaced 


any advice ,,,

Re: Disk Replacement

i have attched the two disk picture 


the one with no lables is the new one which is not working or giving the amber light 

Re: Disk Replacement


your spare disk is not a Netapp spare part. You can see it at the FW. Netapp FW is NA02 (NAxx).

Re: Disk Replacement

hi ,


thanks for your reply , so if i did disk firmware will solve the issue ?



Re: Disk Replacement

the system cannot work with this disk, normally it´s not possible to add Netapp FW on a disk with other FW

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