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Disk Size

@SpindleNinja  hi there, I am curious to know if you have any knowledge on how to set up NetApp volume to go pass 100Tb. I created a 100TB volume using CIFS protocol but I want a share to have at least 500 to 600TB. How can this be achieved and how would I get this CIFS share to show up in windows OS?




Re: Disk Size

Thanks, I appreciate that. When I finish creating the flex group and share how would that be accessible from the windows server?

Re: Disk Size

it's accessed just like any other CIFS share.   So just your CIFS ip/share    ONTAP handles the access across all the aggrs/controllers. 


set up the SVM which sounds like you have already.  



There's also 2 FlexGroup TRs worth reading too -> 




Re: Disk Size

Thanks you are the best.

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