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Disk Startup failed



I have problems with an x number of disks,  I have treid to unfail them but this has not helped.


does anyone know how I can solve this?



Re: Disk Startup failed

Have you opened a ticket with support?  This sound ugly. 


And are these encrpyted (NSE)? 

Re: Disk Startup failed

No, I have not opened any tickets because I, I wanted to know if it could be solved



I have asked the customer, and they indicate that they are not used encrpyted on de disk.

Re: Disk Startup failed

Has anything changed with the system?     e.g. New shelf, removed a shelf.  

Have either takeover/givebacks been done?  Or halts? 

What version of ONTAP?  




Re: Disk Startup failed

Please just create a case, need to be careful about the hardware issue, if data losing, wait to die...

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