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Disk Vital Product Information

Hi all

After typing the sysconfig -d

I can't find in the documntation wath does "Not available" means in the "Disk Vital Product Information"

My concern is that this legend is shown in 3 disks and I don't have any disk failed on the system, howevwr when a disk is bypassed, the disk isn't shown as failed too, and I would like to know if it's a failed disk or just a free space on the shelve.



Re: Disk Vital Product Information

Normally you should see the serial number of the disk there. Please provide some more information, is this a FAS filer or a V-Series? What disk shelves (DS14 or DSx24x)? ACP enabled? What does "sysconfig -r" show? how about "storage show disk"?


Re: Disk Vital Product Information

Hi Michael

Thanks for the reply.

  • FAS3070
  • DS14-Mk2-AT
  • ACP is not enabled

I attach the output of the commands you request, also I include the sysconfig -d.

I would like to know if those bays are used or if contains a failed disk.


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