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Disk replace with different capacity


maybe this is a trivial question, but I need some advice from experts 😉

I have to replace 2TB ATA disk with 2TB SATA (BSAS on DS4246) disk, on a FAS system in HA (8.3.2 cluster mode), the aggregate is a flash pool.
I would like to not relocate controller, I want to do it non disruptively, and I have 3 spare DS4246 with 3TB drives.
I will leave doing vol move as last option.

Here's what I want to do:

- disk replace 2TB ATA on 3TB BSAS 
- disconnect 2TB ATA, connect 2TB BSAS
- disk replace 3TB BSAS on 2TB BSAS

Is it possibile to do this? 

Thank you very much


Re: Disk replace with different capacity

Re: Disk replace with different capacity

Hi Alex,

I found 2 conflicting bug because I'm not sure about how parity disk will be handled.



Maybe the higher id will be right... 

I'm stil considering vol move as a good option 😉

Re: Disk replace with different capacity

Both of those BURTS have been resolved and the functionality should work as designed

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