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Disks on FAS2240-4


Hello folks, I have a couple of doubts about FAS2240-4 and a shelf DS2246:

- At a customer the FAS2240-4 has 10 1TB disks (cod X302A-R5), but now they need to fill the controller with more disks. The question here is if they must use the same kind of disks or if they can use others of more capacity.

- They also have a DS2246 expansion, with 12 disks of 450 GB each. To fill the shelf, they can use disks with more capacity than 1 TB each?

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Re: Disks on FAS2240-4


Within each shelf it must be the same disk type.. so if 1TB SATA in the base shelf, only SATA in there but can be larger SATA drives...the exception is a flashpool config where we put 4x SSD with 20x HDD.  The DS2246 is a 2u shelf with 2.5" drives that only support 10K SAS and SSD so same rules... additional 10K SAS only or if flashpool you can mix 4x SSD in there.  hwu.netapp.com is a really nice resource for supported configs to check based on the both ontap and model.

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Re: Disks on FAS2240-4


You can go with 2 or 4TB drives for example in the base shelf though since 1TB SATA is there already.  I would create a new aggregate with those drives though.

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