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Does FAS 2220 support ssd(flash pool)) in internal shelves?


I don't find any clear description on this topic. Can any body suggest, if it's fine to let customers got bellow configuration.

10 SATA + 2SSD (flash pool) without append DS4xxxx.



The FAS2240-2 is a 2u SAS shelf and does not allow for anything but SAS drives internal, but the FAS2240-4 is a 4u SAS shelf and does allow this.  From the FlashPool FAQ below... The part numbers for the 2240-4 allow for all SSD internally (24x 100GB) or a mix of 6x 100GB and 18x1 or 3TB drives.  For 2TB it is supported but is not a part number so the drives are ordered individually.

FAS2240-4 and FAS2220 internal drive options:

o F2240A-4-12X100-SSD-R5, FAS2240-4,HA,12X100GB,SSD,Dual CTL

o F2240A-4-18TB-24M-R5, FAS2240-4,6x100GB,18x1TB,Mixed,Dual CTL

o F2240A-4-24X100-SSD-R5, FAS2240-4,HA,24X100GB,SSD,Dual CTL

o F2240A-4-54TB-24M-R5, FAS2240-4,6x100GB,18x3TB,Mixed,Dual CTL

o FAS2220A-12X100-SSD-R6, FAS2220,HA,12x100GB,SSD,Dual CNTLR


Thanks for your kindly help, with the internal drive options you listed

FAS2220A-12X100-SSD-R6, FAS2220,HA,12x100GB,SSD,Dual CNTLR

that only means there are a part NO for this configuration, if customers order FAS 2220A  +  3X100SSD + 9X1T SATA ,    and mixed them in  the 2220's internal shelve, it  works, but  have to order the disk (ssd  & SATA ) individually, is it right? .



I believe you are only able to mix SSD and regular HDD in a DS4243. IF a customer did mix internally and some how got it to work it wouldn't be supported configuration, so be careful.


Got it.

Still hope someone to verify this configuration.

It’s a great draw back to 2220  if customers have to  buy another shelves to got flash pool function.


Agreed.  Having read the specs, I assumed you would be able to combine capacity drives + SSD in internal storage of the 2220, but I don't see any evidence that this is possible.  Having a 2220 SKU with something like 8X2TB SATA + 4 100GB SSD seems to make a lot of sense.  Having to buy another shelf to use a feature that the base unit advertises seems counter intuitive from a ROI perspective.

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