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Does NetApp Track About Disk Usage?


Greeting Everyone,


I am not quite so sure if this question can be raised here, but I do wonder if NetApp would track about its disks. Disks can be tracked with its serial number, and for some reason, the disks ordered by customer A would end up in customer B's disk shelf. For example, a fully populated disk shelf can be reselled separatedly by taking a few disks away as spare parts, and spare parts of different end users could be mixed. Multi-tiering and purchasing refurbished parts are other possibilities. Is there anyone who has the experience to have been informed by NetApp official that a disk is likely to be abused?


Re: Does NetApp Track About Disk Usage?


Hello, I'm not sure NetApp would query any of those disks, since no Support would be in place for anything not in Contract. If you wish to purchase second hand disks, then Caveat emptor.


The system will inform you of any non-NetApp disks added to the system regardless of whether Support is in place or not, however if you decide to extend your Supported aggregate by another RAID group of NetApp disks purchased second hand and therefore out of Contract, then this will be at your own risk.


Any disk(s) supplied from NetApp (or it's partners) will be fully supported until either its End of Hardware Support date or the lapse of the Support Contract.


If I've misunderstood your question then please advise.




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