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Double FC-p2p on FAS2040

Hello, I intend to mount the following structure, and the truth is that I wish to advise me on their viability.

We have a FAS2040 with 12 local storage disks
to serve NFS from the ethernet ports, so the 2 FC ports are free. We intend to connect two servers, each of them to a FC port the FAS by a direct link free FC-P2P, thus intend to access local disks in SAN mode, while on the ethernet port would agree to NFS storage.

Is my approach correct?



Double FC-p2p on FAS2040


Direct FCP is supported - or at least it used to be.

I can't find the pdf though, which specified all supported combinations: fc_iscsi_config_guide.pdf

(it used to be on NOW, but my old link doesn't work any longer)



Double FC-p2p on FAS2040

Thanks for your response. So, for the time being the structure is rigth.

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