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Drive Swap on FAS2050

We have a New FAS2050 with 20 300GB SAS drives. We need to replace the drives with 20 1TB SATA drives. The unit is not configured and has never been powered on.  Is there anything special we need to do to make this work or is this just a basic drive swap followed by a normal configuration?



Re: Drive Swap on FAS2050

For me the simplest way would be to replace drives while FAS is switched off and make new install. Alternative would be to switch it on, go via initial setup, replace unused drives (freshly shipped filer has only 3 or 4 drives configured at most), relocate root volume on new disks and the replace the rest.

Re: Drive Swap on FAS2050

So how involved of a process is this and can you provide documentation on how to do this as we have never done it before.

Re: Drive Swap on FAS2050

So can we just pull out the drives add the new drives and run throught the setup. Not sure how to proceed here.Or are the steps more involved.

Appreciate any help on this.



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