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Dual Quad-port SAS HBA on Single Stack

Hi guys,

Anyone can provide any information on whether is it possible to connect Dual Quad-Port SAS HBA on a FAS3140HA to a Single Stack of Disk on DS243 ?

Such as connecting HBA1, Port A to the top Stack and HBA 2, Port B to the bottom Stack of the Disk Shelf ?

As from the DS243 Installation and Service Guide, i can only find Single Quad-Port SAS HBA to Single Stack and Dual Quad-Port SAS HBA to double Stack of disk shelves.

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Re: Dual Quad-port SAS HBA on Single Stack

Page 31 (in my copy) of mentioned guide describes recommended cabling sequence for multiple HBAs. Nothing stops you using two quad HBAs with single stack, you just will waste 6 ports out of 8 ... it would be HBA 1 port A and HBA 2 port B.

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Re: Dual Quad-port SAS HBA on Single Stack

Yes i will waste the other 6 ports.. but at least i have a redundancy at the card level.

Just need to verify whether anyone have done this kind of config before...

Re: Dual Quad-port SAS HBA on Single Stack

I plan do a setup with 2 sas cards and single stack when I get my first ds4243.

Re: Dual Quad-port SAS HBA on Single Stack

Not that it can't happen....but seeing a slot failure in a NetApp is very real. So, if you have the extra slots and the extra cash, I don't see any technical issues. If I'm short of slots (i.e. want to do 10 GigE, PAM, etc.), I wouldn't have a huge issue with putting my disk off a single SAS HBA especially in a cluster where cluster failover provides some level of protection.

I see this kind of question/scenario as happening fairly often given that the 31x0 line only has 4 slots, no built-in SAS ports, and a single SAS HBA can technicall handle up to 480 disks (i.e. higher than the maximum disks for a 3140).

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