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Estimate IOPs Capacity

What is the best way to estimate the IOPS capacity of a given volume, assuming I don't have OnCommand tools available? 


Re: Estimate IOPs Capacity


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No, but it can be calculated on an aggregate basis.

IOs on the aggr are shared by all vols on the aggr.


IOs Per Disk X # of Data Drives in the aggr.


Random IOs per disk type at 50% utilization:


FC/SAS 10K RPM 140

      "         15K RPM 175


20 SAS @ 15k RPM = 3500 IOs on the aggr.


I hope this response has been helpful to you.


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Re: Estimate IOPs Capacity

Just to add something to this. for some reason Microsoft work out IOPs in a different manner, normally IOPs per GB. Is there a way I can translate our NetApp storage from IOPs to IOPs/GB?



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