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FAS 2020 Java not enabled

I have a FAS 2020 running OnTap 7.3.7. No errors on the install but I ran it again just to make sure.

I can access it via Oncommand and it says Timed is disabled. I login via the console and run options timed.enabled on and it gives me a message saying that java is not enabled on this filer.

I map to C$ and in etc I don't see a java folder. Can I copy the contents of the java folder over to the problematic device and reboot to fix it? If not, what else can I try?


Re: FAS 2020 Java not enabled

How did you install it? If through special menu, option 4, you additionally need to do "software install" of the same version to get vol0 content.

Re: FAS 2020 Java not enabled

I installed it through software install via the console.

Re: FAS 2020 Java not enabled

I ended up fixing this issue by copying the etc/java folder from another FAS2020 that was running the same version of OnTap. Rebooted the filer and it works.

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