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FAS 2040 IP trouble


This is my first post here in NetApp, I have a little bit trouble now, I was configuring a FAS2040 (two controllers - 4eth per controller) so I need to connect those controller in redundancy with three diferents Linux Server but, I need only one ip address like a virtual address in the both controller. I attch how i like to have the connection

I hope guy's  could be help me,

Cristian Quila,




FAS 2040 IP trouble

Hello Christian,

If you have ethernet swithces that support LACP, we would recommand that.

1.)What you can do is use on FAS1 ethernet 1 and 2 with LACP over one switch (LACP1) and ethernet 3 and 4 with LACP (LCAP2). (same on FAS2)

2.)Then you create a single mode vif with LACP1 and 2 (active/passif)

You will have then 2gbps redundant link going to 2 different switches.

Hope that can help.

If you use Cisco switches...LACP is the channel-group command...



FAS 2040 IP trouble

Thx Hadrien for u answer,

So, I can have the two controller with the same IP address?? like a virtual IP address?, because I need to the Linux Servers see only one IP address

The switches are Cisco 2970 and I use LACP for the boundels

Best Regards

Topology https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Public/Topology.pdf?w=5115de1b

FAS 2040 IP trouble


No you'll have 2 ips, one for each controller.

Check this documentation:


You ll find everything about network configuration.

Hope this help.



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