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FAS 2040 Reset Node


Unable to boot a FAS2040 filer node,

Was halfway through a HA Cluster upgrade from Ontap 7.3.5 to 8.1.4P8 7-mode when the node (controller) that hadn't been upgraded was accidentally rebooted, 

I have since not been able to get this node back up.

(it a 2 node HA cluster and is not in production)

In trying to get the node back up, the disks have unfortunately been deleted, I am also uanble to netboot this particular note (error message attached)

Can any one advise on the best way to get the controller backup and running





Re: FAS 2040 Reset Node

Are you able to NetBoot other controller using the same HTTP server? Are you able to NetBoot other Data ONTAP version on this controller (e.g. 7.3.5)?

Re: FAS 2040 Reset Node



The detangled version would look more like:

g_vfs_done():md1.unzip[READ(offset=290095104, length=4096)]error=5
Warning: kernel and rootfs.img version mismatch - requesting Boot Menu.
g_vfs_done():md1.unzip[READ(offset=176750592, length=4096)]error=5
g_vfs_done():md1.unzip[READ(offset=176750592, length=4096)]error=5
/sbin/init: Input/output error

Looks like a read error off the http server or a corrupt file.



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