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FAS 2240-2 second Backup Device



a customer has a FAS 2240-2 with a single path connected SAS-Shelf and one backup device on the other SAS-Port. Is there a supported configuration for a second SAS backup device on a stand alone controller?


I think to plug in the second backup device into the disk shelf is not supported but is it technicallly possible? DataOntap recognise the 2. IBM Drive (sysconfig -t) but when I run a dump command I get the error "invalid tape drive"?


Is there another way to connect a second backup device? (possibly with sas switch?)






Re: FAS 2240-2 second Backup Device

As described in KB 2018848, you can not mix tape device and disk shelves in same adapter.

In my understanding, 3rd party SAS expander is not supported. Only configuration I think of is purchasing FC HBA and FC tape devices.

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Re: FAS 2240-2 second Backup Device

Thank you for the link. For the 2240 there is a FC-Mezzanine Card X1150A-R6 with two 8Gbit Ports. 


Ok, this is fine. It's better than no solution.

Check out the KB!
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