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FAS 2520 Maximum usable space with one big aggregate

Hi awesome community members,


In reference to my previous post, I have really awesome respond and I re-upgraded my *NEW* FAS2520 from 7-mode back to 9.2P2 cluster mode.


However, when I tried to create a new aggregate on the oncommand portal, it seems that 6 disks was assgined to node1 and node2, so I remembered I had to convert it to active/passive setup, and so I followed this article


So one last stupid question from me. What is the number_of_partitions I should be using? (reason I'm not sure is the articles showed 13 entries from its example, but mine only has 12 entries on the paritions/disks)


or is there a installation setup guide I could follow? I have not been able to find one. this is a FAS2520 with 12 x 4TB spec.



attached is current aggregate info.


Thank you so much!


- Atlas


Re: FAS 2520 Maximum usable space with one big aggregate

Hi there,


These would be the commands to run:


set advanced
storage disk assign -force -data true -owner profx-01 -disk 1.0.0

storage disk assign -force -data true -owner profx-01 -disk 1.0.2

storage disk assign -force -data true -owner profx-01 -disk 1.0.4

storage disk assign -force -data true -owner profx-01 -disk 1.0.6

storage disk assign -force -data true -owner profx-01 -disk 1.0.8

storage disk assign -force -data true -owner profx-01 -disk 1.0.10

storage aggregate rename -aggregate aggr0 -newname N1_aggr0

storage aggregate rename -aggregate aggr0_profx_02_0 -newname N2_aggr0

storage aggregate create N1_aggr1sata4TB -diskcount 11 -node profx-01 


This will leave one 4TB partition spare - if you don't want to do that, change diskcount to 12. The exact choice comes down to how quickly you can be notified of failed disks, swap disks, etc.