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Re: FAS 3020c Cluster in 100% sync, how ?

Hi Paul,

I wanted to thank you for your help here.

It's indeed needed to have such setup and have this level of data protection. The snapshot mirror will be mirrored externally over VPN is the idea. I think we don't need metro clustering in that case.

I'm only able to do a Vol mirror, not an aggregate one, am I right ?

The only issue I have with this setup, because I need to use 2 loops (one for SAS and one for SATA) per controller, is that I need to giveback manually because CIFS needs a restart in a singlepath cluster.

Re: FAS 3020c Cluster in 100% sync, how ?

jumping back in...

You can have the "automatic" failover with setting up a "Stretched MetroCluster", check the HA Documentation of Ontap for more details.

You still have the two controllers with their shelfs, but you'll need todouble the shelfs in order to be able to mirror all the aggregates (yrs, this mirrors on aggregate level, not like snapmirror) and then you'll have 99% of possible failure scenarios covered. Manual intervention is only neccessary when a complete stack gets lost (fire, water etc...) and you want ALL the data and services on the remaining cluster controller. everything else is automagically.

SnapMirror lets you "replicate" the data within a volume (or qtree) to another volume (or qtree) using IP. The switchover to the replicated data in case of disaster is manual process...

Pick what makes most sense

Re: FAS 3020c Cluster in 100% sync, how ?

Hi All,

I'm again testing some new setup on this as I'm doing the following:

I create a volume on an Aggregate on Filer 01 and I actually want to have this Volume automaticly created on Filer 02 so it can be "mirrored".

The reason why I want this is because I add the volume to the Filer 01 by the API and I don't want to add the same volume to the other filer every time manually as it can happen that I want to resize the volume on Filer 01.

So it seems I need to mirror on Aggregate Level to my other "Filer" that is also the Failover head in this setup in the picture above. It seems that you need a cluster_remote license for this and build an Metro cluster that is actually on the same site with two meter cable between it ?

Because Aggregate Sync is a level lower than SnapMirror you should be more flexible with it and thing "above" it will be synced automaticly, see it as raid1 over a network.

What are my best options here, I have the feeling a Metro-Cluster ?

Re: FAS 3020c Cluster in 100% sync, how ?

Hi Matt

You are correct with finding that you cannot snapmirror on an aggregate level. The only option on aggregate level is "local_sync_mirror" and is demanding you to provide separate redudnant diskshelfs with connections to the controller(s).

If you have many volumes to be created and snapmirrored and you are referring to the work this is meaning for the storage admin, you could alos consider to use the "Workflow Automator" available for free on the NetApp Supportsite and use the already provided Workflows for this.

So you have 3 options (expensive first then cheaper):

1. go for MetroCluster

2. by more diskshelfs and connections and use "local_sync_mirror"

3. Download the WFA and use the available WorkFlows

Hope this helps,


Re: FAS 3020c Cluster in 100% sync, how ?

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your reply.

I'm very intrested in the local_sync_mirror, but how would need to be cabled when you want to use active/active also ?

Active/Active works very perfect, I have 2 switches trunked together over a LAG and each filer is on it's own switch.

The issue is that I have Both FC and SATA shelves that I dont' want to mix, some people say you can I actually would like to stay away from it.

Let's say:

- I have 4 shelves, 2x FC 2x SATA

- 2 Filers

To get the local_sync_mirror work I need 4 loops on one filer because each aggr needs it's own pool so each shelf needs it's own loop as a pool requires it's own loop.

The issue there is that I dont' know how I'm going to attach my second filer for the active/active as it doesn't have any disks to boot from and I also have the issue that when I own all disks in my active/active setup to filer 01 (except of the 3 ones for the filer 02) I cannot add them to the loop1 as the 3 disks are still on pool0...

I hope you can understand my issue here

Thanks so far!


Re: FAS 3020c Cluster in 100% sync, how ?

I fixed this by conneting a single path MetroCluster, works great!