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FAS 8300 Rack layout.

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I'm drawing up rack layouts for a new installation.  Storage rack is a FAS 8300 with two shelves to begin with but this will undoubtedly grow as the load does.


In IBM Storage arrays, you put the controllers in the middle of the rack and daisy chain the disk shelves in two chains, above and below.  The Netapp docs I've seen don't mention chaining below, they all have a single chain with the disks on top of the controller. 


What is the best way to lay out a netapp FAS8300 in the rack?






Re: FAS 8300 Rack layout.

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I have shared below link for FAS8300 installation. Keep in mind that it might differs based on how many shelf you have:



Depending on the number of disk shelves and size of the rack or cabinet, you might require multiple racks or cabinets. The general rule is to keep the components of an HA pair together to simplify cabling.

Each disk shelf has a label on the top of its chassis that lists the storage controller to which that disk shelf connects.



Re: FAS 8300 Rack layout.

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I normally stack the shelves below and then above the controller (different stacks). You may put the in the middle. When you purchase a racked system full of shelves, NetApp put the controllers in the middle and shelves below and above. 


Shelf IDs crescent towards the bottom and also to the top.



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