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FAS Controller SAS cabling order


We are currently moving our NetApp SAN to new location and I meticulously documented the cables. But we have 3 systems and the last one is slightly different and I wanted to use the opportunity to wire it the same had asked NetApp support these questions (no reply as of yet) but wanted to see opinions from those that do this stuff out in the field.


1. Can I change port-pairs for a stack during re-install since disk ownership is in software (keeping shelves in same order of course)

2. Will there be issues if first/last shelf end up wired up as last/first shelf? In one rack the stacks were wired top to bottom and another rack the stacks were wired bottom to top. I'd like to make them both the same. I can physically change disk shelf rack height if they cannot be reversed.


Just my OCD trying to get things the same but really could just go back how I found it...


Re: FAS Controller SAS cabling order


I don't believe it technically matters in either case,  as you can move cables around to re-cable to best practices.  Which to note,  they should all be cabled to best practices per the docs.      (though just to clarify, you're just talking about cables, and not re-numbing the shelves?) 





I would also run Active IQ config advisor to make sure that all SAS and ACP (if any) are cabled correctly.   https://mysupport-beta.netapp.com/site/tools/tool-eula/5ddb829ebd393e00015179b2/download  


correcting cabling KB https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1014987/~/error-when-moving-a-sas-cable-from-one-port-to-another-on-an-ha-pair-


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Re: FAS Controller SAS cabling order


Thanks for the reply - my subscription did not alert me to it Thursday.


I will not re-number shelves. I can't check anything right now as the equipment is packed away. I am getting a plan together for re-install. I think I'll use the "Try It And See" method once there.


These are not on AutoSupport due to company policy but I have ran the offline Config Advisor in the past and don't recall any issues on this system. They are HA just some port letter difference and physical backwardness that only bothers humans. ha.


I am confident now that it's no difference but always cautious.

Re: FAS Controller SAS cabling order


Good to hear / good luck!  


Also,  just to note,  "config advisor"  was rebranded as "Active IQ Config Advisor"    It still works as offline though.  

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