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FAS Fibre Channel HBA Trunking



With the virtualization of the Data Center, shared infrastructure, and private cloud computing.

I wonder if the FAS6200 series support Fibre Channel HBA Trunking on the controller for higher bandwidth performance.

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Re: FAS Fibre Channel HBA Trunking


Please refer to http://community.brocade.com/message/4357

Basically if you are trying to address bandwidth issue, you can have multiple target ports, using zoning / port sets on storage to do proper load distribution.

Re: FAS Fibre Channel HBA Trunking


Load distribution is implemented by host multipath software. I am curious how zoning and/or port sets are related to it ☺

Re: FAS Fibre Channel HBA Trunking


Through fc zoning, you can restrict which storage ports the host HBAs can get to - this has performance implications.

If you only ever zone your qa hosts to ports 0a and 1a, while your esx hosts are zoned to 0b and 1b, you do not need to worry about storage port contention between your qa and esx hosts.

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