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FAS factory default

I'm trying to reset an FAS 2520 to factory default but I can't see the device boot sequence in order to press CTRL C. I'm using putty with a KeySpan high speed USB to serial adaptor. It connects with com4 but never prompts to login and I can't see anything happening during power up. Once it's up I have no trouble getting in by SSH. Any ideas?



Re: FAS factory default

You can access console via SP session (system console).

Re: FAS factory default

I'm not familiar with how to do that. Can that be done via putty?

Re: FAS factory default

Yes. You need to setup SP IP address (that is normally done from within running Data ONTAP) and then connect with SSH to this address. Physical connectivity is over wrench port.

Re: FAS factory default

Hi @tclark


Please use the below command to check the SP ip.


 system service-processor show



You can use the service processor to connect to the console remotely.