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FAS2020 direct connect to esxi 5.0 host not communicating properly


We have a FAS2020 that was directly connected to 2 esxi 5 hosts via FC.  Both of the esxi host's have since "died" with no recovery option.  We are trying to reconnect the filer to another esxi 5 host but can't get them to fully communicate.


The filer sees both of the vmhba's WWN's from the host.  Have configured one igroup with both WWN's. mapped that igroup the luns that we need to recover data from, removed old igroup lun mappings. The esxi host can also see the WWN of the FCP's on filer verfied by the cat /proc/scsi/qla2xxx/1 to view the FC Target-Port List.  Also, the command igroup show -v returns my newly created igroup but in parentheses states "not logged in", even after multiple rescans and reboots of both esxi host and filer.


I have vsc installed in my vcenter environment and through this the controller in question shows in the listing.


So from all this, it appears that everything should be okie dokie....but, it's not.  A rescan for datastores rusults in nothing returned.


Bottom line, need to complete this connection to access luns to retrieve VM data.


Any help would be greatly appriciated.


Re: FAS2020 direct connect to esxi 5.0 host not communicating properly


Hi, not good news I'm afraid I'm the bearer of bad news:


Your FAS2020 went out of support on 30-Jun-2017

ONTAP 7.x is also out of support with all documentation now removed from the Support site.


That being said...if you swapped the HBAs from the old ESX hosts into the new ones, reinstated the igroup this should put you back where you were before the issues. But obviously in an unsupported configuration. Also, dont forget to add the hosts into the VSC and apply the multipathing and timeouts. If the HBA swap is not possible, are all the firmware and drivers at supported versions?


Sorry for all the bad news!






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