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FAS2040 - HA + VIF query



Got a Q that I can't seem to get an answer from Netapp tech support on.

        System Storage Configuration: Single-Path HA

Is that correct for a FAS2040 disk setup? It's all in one box - ie no additional shelves, just the 12 onboard, so how can this be incorrectly cabled?

My second question is this. Got two filerheads in this 2040, called them A and B

A has a VIF,

B has a VIF,

A has two volumes, both exported by NFS. Connectivity from to both volumes is fine.

The end user wants to connect to volume2 via but continue to connect to volume1 via

Without moving volume2, is this possible? The netapp tech I spoke to has asked me to setup VLANs on the filer, but from what I can see, this would continue using the same VIF, just with an additional NIC. This isn't what the client wants.

For reference, there are no free NICs on the filers to create another physical team.

Any help on either gratefully appreciated.




FAS2040 - HA + VIF query


Single path HA refers to the connectivity from OS to disks - normally you'd have two SAS or FC ports going to external shelves, but FAS2040 has only one internal SAS path to the disks, so you'll always have single path connectivity there. This is normal and the message can be ignored.

Regarding your second question, no, you can't access volumes on head A through interfaces on head B, this is a basic limitation of ONTAP 7 and 8 in 7-mode. If you want to use head B to access the data on that volume, you'll have to move it via snapmirror, ndmpcopy, or client side data migration to the disks that actually belong to head B.

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FAS2040 - HA + VIF query


Thank you for your clear and concise answer

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