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FAS2050 upgrade from FAS270 question


We are in the process of preparing to upgrade our FAS270 with 2 shelves to a FAS2050. The FAS2050 will use internal drives, and we will make use of the existing two shelves from the FAS270 as well. The configuration was, and will still be, active/active.

The parts came in and we have two ESH4 modules, presumably to replace in the exisitng two heads in the FAS270.

So the question is how are the fiber connections made from the heads, to shelf 1 to shelf2? Do these cascade (using the up, down ports) or does each connection have to go back to the filer head itself?

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Re: FAS2050 upgrade from FAS270 question

You can cascade the 2 shelves onto one loop. In fact, that's most likely the way you'd want to do it rather than chewing up FC ports on the controller for each shelf. Just make sure you've got the correct cables/connectors.

Of course, I'm assuming these shelves are all FC shelves. You can't mix FC and SATA on the same loop.

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Re: FAS2050 upgrade from FAS270 question

Thanks for the quick response Adam. Correct assumption on the FC and thanks for the SATA/FC mix info as well.

What if I wanted to add an additional FC shelf later - would it be able to go into this same loop? Hope that makes sense.

Ultimately I would like to add a network adapter to my expansion slot, but I am trying to find out if by doing so I burn my ability to expand to more FC shelves later.

Thanks again.


Re: FAS2050 upgrade from FAS270 question

An ESH loop can support up to 6 shevles. Of course depending on the size of the drives, you may hit a platform limit first, but maybe not if you're starting with older disks from a 270.

Just be careful when you do the move that you don't have 2 root volumes when you boot the new controller. ONTAP doesn't like that. 🙂


Re: FAS2050 upgrade from FAS270 question

Thanks again Adam. I appreicate it.

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