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FAS2050A to FAS3140A headswap


I've done plenty of headswaps before, but this one is challenging due to the 2050 having the full 20x300gb sas drives in it. The new 3140 will be coming with 2 ds14 shelves of 300gb drives (28). I was wondering if I could add those two shelves to the 2050, use the 'disk replace' command to put in all the fc drives into the existing aggregate and remove the sas. once all the sas drives are out of the aggregate, then do a traditional headswap.


How long would a disk replace take on a 300GB 15k drive?


Re: FAS2050A to FAS3140A headswap



I think it depends how much time do you have in your hand to start with.

If I want to migrate data without much disruption, then I would use our SnapMirror technology. ( For this you need to install FAS3140 as a independent entity).

Doing this will ensure all the data is there from SAS to FC and would help you take minimum downtime while replacing the head.

No idea on the time taken by 'Disk Replace'.

Re: FAS2050A to FAS3140A headswap


You can mix SAS and FC drives in the same aggregate, so it could work.


Replacing a 300 GB disk will probably take a few hours.

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